CollabWorx Videoconferencing
CollabWorx is a leading provider of Secure Real-Time Collaboration and Conferencing over Internet Protocol (CoIP) solutions in the Government, Health Care, Education, and Green Technology markets. CollabWorx specializes in supporting both synchronous and asynchronous communications to facilitate secure collaboration within the most demanding environments. Our solutions are platform-independent and developed in conjunction with universally-recognized industry standards. Our largest customers include the United States government, secondary and higher education learning institutions, and Health Care organizations.

CollabWorx possesses patented, industry-leading technologies for both asynchronous and synchronous communication. This patented event-sharing technology differentiates the CollabWorx SRTC platform from all other products that exist in the marketplace today. In fact, our software has been used for a variety of purposes ranging from foreign language training to conducting military marriages around the world, to delivering a secure and dependable collaboration solution for U.S. Defense and Intelligence agencies.

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